Not a boat. Not a plane. And pretty darn cool

Our hovercrafts will transform how Ontario travels

Hovercrafts may sound futuristic, but they have been in use around the world for over 50 years. Hoverlink is the first rapid transit system of its kind in North America.

Hovercrafts can easily travel over land, water and ice

The “hover” in “hovercraft” refers to its ability to hover over almost any surface beneath it. It’s moved by thrust propellers and lift fans – that create a “cushion of air” pushed downwards by skirts surrounding the craft.

We’ve designed them to run quieter than a dishwasher

Not all hovercrafts are quiet, but ours certainly are. Our innovative design means they produce lower noise levels than a commuter train arriving at a station, and similar to the noise level of a conversation when riding inside.

It’s “like riding on air”

Because they glide on a cushion of air, the ride is extremely comfortable, smoother than a traditional boat and is less affected by waves or weather. Each of our hovercrafts can carry up to 180 passengers in a climate-controlled cabin with comfortable seating.

They can operate in all weather (even Canada’s!)

Our hovercrafts are designed to withstand any weather, including the high waves of Lake Ontario. Believe it or not, they travel even better over frozen ice than water! They can operate in -60C plus wind chill and also +35C heat, including 40%-80% humidity.

They’re a sustainable powerhouse

Our hovercrafts are powered by a Rolls Royce MTU, and extremely low-emission tier 3 engines supported by a DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid System). These low-emission engines reduce 98% of airborne toxins.

Our hovercrafts are shoreline positive

Because they float on a cushion of air above the water, our hovercrafts leave virtually no wake or wash, unlike traditional large boats that can erode shorelines. Their quiet operation also ensures they don’t impact sensitive marine life.

Except tornadoes

We’re working with the best hovercraft team in the world

As the world leader in hovercrafts, Griffon Hoverwork design group has designed and built hovercrafts in over 41 countries worldwide. Griffon hovercrafts are relied on by the US Military, Royal Marines, and the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards.

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